Makeup melt down

The question is... what do you see in the mirror when you take off your makeup at the end of the day?

Can you see the signs of stress, tiredness? Or the skin that had to go trough a lot during the day? Do you see the sparkle in your eye, after a day full of emotions, happenings and stories?


When I wash my face at night, I do see all this and more... And feel grateful for my skin, my features, my eyes, my nose, my lips... Applying skincare to it is like a reward. Strongly believe in the power of touch, so every time you touch your fingers to your skin you give back to your body and show appreciation. When you start thinking like that, everything changes. The products you decide to feed your skin with, the method, the time spent on it...


Who is gonna spend 2 extra minutes tonight on a face massage for yourself?

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