The one who has it all...

Do you ever feel jealous of girls, who were born with it all?

The looks, the figure, the talent, the family, the boyfriend, the friendships... It all seems perfect, right?

Well let me tell you, that girl is you! She is right inside the core of you. If you believe it or not, it is true.

The reason why you can't see it is because you don't believe it, and you are focusing on everyone else!


And if you are rolling your eyes at me, I get it. I used to be just like you and think that I can't have it all, just wasn't born with it. And guess what, I really believe that this mentality was holding me back.

I understood that whatever I think about myself reflects on my whole being. I know it might be a cliche but it is soooo true.


So here I am, giving you 5 ideas on how to change this mindset.

1. Using positive words about yourself, and watch your behaviour. Whenever you get a compliment, accept and embrace it, also don't forget to thank the person giving it to you!

2. Start paying more attention to what kind of materialistic things do you allow yourself to have! I realised that I was wearing clothes that others threw out 5 years ago and they were not in good condition anymore. I didn't invest in myself long term, always chose the cheap and easy options when it comes to clothes. For you this could be anything...

4. Use a bit of makeup when you go out to run errands. (I agree you don't have to wear it every day, but pay more attention to just adding some concealer and mascara on a daily basis.) The only reason for that, is your self-confidence and not to get approval of other people. I really think that a little goes a long way and your whole being will start to glow with confidence.

5. Stop caring about what others have, because guess what IT IS NOT YOURS! Start thinking about all the blessings you do have! Also practicing bit of law of attraction never hurt anyone!

Of course I am not perfect and still working hard on all these points, but I hope it gave you some ideas for a change!

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