Makeup is not the enemy!

Hola Dear Makeup Lover,

You might have heard before the phrases "makeup is really superficial" "why are you spending time on it" you spend so much money on your makeup"...

I am here to tell you, that all the judgement about the beauty industry has effected me too, and many times I would feel down about my passion for makeup. But to be very honest our passion for something is there to give us joy, and give value to our life.

To me makeup is an excellent tool for self expression, it helps to bring out our best self and hide away imperfections (if you want to hide them). For some it is very minimal and they feel great just with some mascara and blush, for others it takes a full face of makeup to feel the best in their own skin. And all that is good as it is. I feel like makeup creates a special connection between women, we ask advice or help from each other and that's a beautiful thing!

I see so much sadness in the world, but if there is anything that brightens my day I would like to focus on that! Just because I love makeup, doesn't mean I am ignorant towards other topics much more serious, it only means I choose to look at the bright side of life and help women reach moments of happiness through my profession!


If you have ever felt confused or down about your passion in life (let it be in any field), please STOP right there and promise yourself that you allow these small moments of happiness to come into your life!


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    Laura (Tuesday, 04 April 2017 14:06)

    So proud of you- beautiful article . Keep the good work xx

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    Laura (Barcelona) (Wednesday, 05 April 2017 22:53)

    Your words are so wise and deep, it reached my heart. Thank you very much, your article made my realise that it doesn't matter what other people think or society says, I just need to listen my inner self and do what makes me happy. And as you said, focus on the bright side of things! Yes, there is darkness but also so much goodness in this world!
    Love from Barcelona! Please keep writing!

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