Can I strive for a minimalist makeup kit as a professional?

All I can see in professional makeup artist's kits is the immense amount of products... Depending on the type of job they do of course they create a specific kit for the day usually.

The thought of too many products (or clothes, or clutter or anything really) just makes me feel really anxious. So I asked myself, if is it realistic to have a profession like this yet still thrive for a minimalistic kit, that would still accommodate everyone in the BRIDAL AND SPECIAL EVENTS field. It doesn't mean I would ever compromise on longevity or quality of my work!

My motto is if you find great quality products that work, and you can mix different colours and textures creating much more than what you thought you had, you don't need all the colours of the rainbow in your kit. I truly believe the key for success is your personal technique, your skills, your attitude, and passion and love for what you do. I can have all the highlighters in the world if I don't educate myself and put my heart into what I do, it will show on my work.

I really believe in a minimalist mindset regarding objects in our life, and if I can create with "minimal" objects maximal experiences that's all I aim for...

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